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Chandragupta was succeeded by his son Bindusara. His other name is Amitraghata which means destroyer of foes. The Greek scholars write him as “Amitrachates” or “Allitrochates“. Chanakya served as Prime Minister of Bindusara for some years. Later, Khallataka became his prime minister. During the initial years of his reign Bindusara subdued a revolt in Taxila ..

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Indian History (Fact Sheets for Civil Services Exams)

Outline of India’s HistorySection A : Ancient IndiaIndus Valley Civilization Vedic CivilizationBuddhismMagadha Dynasty & 16 Mahajanpadas Jainism Mauryan Empire —Sources of History of Mauryan EmpireChandragupta Maurya (321-293 BC)Chanakya 350-283 BCBindusara (298-273 BC)Section B : Medieval India Section C : British India & India’s Freedom Movement Section D : Modern India