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Abolition of Capital Punishment Bill, 2016

A bill to remove capital punishment, the Abolition of Capital Punishment Bill, 2016 is being discussed in the Rajya Sabha. What is happening? The Law Commission of India , had in 2015, released a report which recommended that the country moves toward abolishing the death penalty. Exemptions may be given in terrorism cases to safeguard ..


Companies (Amendment) Bill, 2019

After much deliberations, the Lok Sabha passed The Companies (Amendment) Bill, 2019. This Bill seeks to amend the Companies Act, 2013 and replaces an earlier replace the ordinance promulgated earlier in this regard. What is the bill? The Companies (Amendment) Bill, 2019 seeks to tighten the corporate social responsibility (CSR) compliance of companies and reduce ..


The Protection of Human Rights (Amendment) Bill, 2019

The Protection of Human Rights (Amendment) Bill, 2019 was passed in the Rajya Sabha on July 22. It had already been passed in the Lok Sabha on July 19. The Bill will now go to the President for his approval before becoming a law. What is the Protection of Human Rights (Amendment) Bill, 2019? The ..


Dam Safety Bill 2018 introduced in Lok Sabha

The Dam Safety Bill, 2018 has been introduced in Lok Sabha in December, 2018. This bill aims to provide for the surveillance, inspection, operation, and maintenance of specified dams across the country.  The Bill also provides for the institutional mechanism to ensure the safety of the dams. Features of the Dam Safety Bill 2018 The ..