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Iran and Pakistan To establish Border ‘Reaction Force’

Iran and Pakistan have agreed to set up a joint border “reaction force” at border. This is to combat the attacks by militant groups on both sides their frontier. Both the nations have decided to collaborate to form the joint quick reaction force by increasing cooperation between border forces and intelligence agencies. Both the countries ..


Chinese BRI invite declined by India

India for the second time declined the Chinese invite to attend the second BRI forum that is scheduled to take place later this month. India boycotted the first BRI forum in 2017. It stated that the Chinese BRI is undermining India’s sovereignty in the form of CPEC ”China Pakistan Economic corridor as it passes through ..


Port of Duqm

The Port of Duqm is strategically located situated on southeastern seaboard of Oman, overlooking Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean. It is straddled along critical sea lanes in  Arabian Sea and Gulf of Aden. It is located in close proximity to Chabahar port in Iran ( being developed by India open a trade route to Afghanistan ..


US pledges $900 million to Pakistan

A defence bill that pledges $900 million as assistance has been passed by the US House of Representative. A substantial amount of it will depend on the certification by Pentagon that Pakistan has undertaken apparent steps against the dreadful Haqqani network. The bill has an upper limit of the reimbursement amount of $1.1 billion, out ..


India to slash import duties on 234 Items from Pakistan

The Union Cabinet Okayed the Commerce Ministry’s proposal to reduce the list of sensitive items under South Asian Free Trade Agreement (SAFTA) for Pakistan by 30%. India will also slash import duties on about 234 items from Pakistan under the bilateral trade normalization programme. India seeks a quid pro quo form Pakistan and wants it ..