Bhopal disaster: GK, Current Affairs, Questions, Trivia and News

UN listed Bhopal gas tragedy among the worlds major industrial accidents in the last century

International Labour Organization, a UN agency has listed the Bhopal gas tragedy among the world’s major industrial accidents in the last century. The gas leak in the Union Carbide pesticide plant in the Madhya Pradesh capital, Bhopal in the night of 2nd and 3rd December, 1984, killed over 3,500 people. Union Carbide is now owned ..

ILO lists 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy among world’s major industrial accidents of 20th century

The International Labour Organization (ILO) has recently released the report titled ‘The Safety and Health at the Heart of the Future of Work – Building on 100 years of experience’. In it, the 1984 Bhopal gas tragedy which killed thousands of people is among the world’s “major industrial accidents” of the 20th century (after 1919). ..

Disposal of Bhopal toxic waste approved

The government sanctioned removal of about 350 metric tonnes of Union Carbide toxic waste in Bhopal. The sanction was given subsequent to commendations from a Group of Ministers (GoM) on the Bhopal Gas tragedy chaired by Home Minister P C Chidambaram.  As per the proposal, the Central Govt will pay Rs 25 crore towards the ..

Union Carbide, Warren Anderson not liable for claims: US court on Bhopal gas tragedy

As per the ruling of US court, neither Union Carbide nor its former chairman Warren Anderson are liable for environmental remediation or pollution-related claims  at the firm’s former chemical plant in Bhopal. The lawsuit that accused Union Carbide of causing soil and water pollution around the Bhopal plant due to the disaster has been dismissed ..