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Kesavananda Bharati Passes Away

Kesavananda Bharati, who filed a petition in the Supreme court and the Supreme Court delivered a landmark judgement that the basic structure of the Constitution cannot be altered, died on September 6. Who was Kesavananda Bharti? Shri Kesavananda Bharati was the chief pontiffof Edneer Mutt in Kasaragod district, Kerala, India. Born on 9 December 1940. He was the petitioner in Kesavananda ..




Power of President of India to withhold assent

In India the President can hold his assent to a bill in the following circumstances: If it is an ordinary Bill In case of an ordinary bill or a bill got introduced by a private member and passed by both houses, the president can just withhold assent. It is similar to the Pocket Veto in ..


Polity & Constitution: Compendium-1

1. How a Chief Election Commissionar be Removed?2. Can Preamble of Indian Constitution be amended?3. What is the procedure of constitutional amendments?4. What are categories of Fundamental Rights?5. What is suspension of Fundamental Rights?6. What is a Writ and what are Types of writs?7. What is meaning of Judicial Review?8. What are Directive Principles of ..