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Current Targets in Priority Sector Lending

As of March 2015, the domestic banks and foreign banks with 20 and more branches have to disburse 40% of the Net Bank Credit (NBC) to Total Priority sector, out of which 18% should be total agricultural advances. The Foreign banks have been given a target of 32% of the Net Bank Credit to priority ..


Current Repo Rate

Repo Rate, or repurchase rate, is the rate at which RBI lends to banks for short periods. This is done by RBI buying government bonds from banks with an agreement to sell them back at a fixed rate. If the RBI wants to make it more expensive for banks to borrow money, it increases the ..

Know Your Customer

Know your customer (KYC) is a bank regulation that financial institutions and other regulated companies must perform to identify their clients and ascertain relevant information pertinent to doing financial business with them. What are Objectives of KYC? Money laundering is a growing menace and it not only poses serious threat to the stability and integrity ..

List of Committees Related to Banking & Finance in India

This Post is in Continuation with our previous post List of Various Committees & Their Focus AreaHere is the list of various Committees and their main Focus Areas A C Shah Committee:NBFC A Ghosh Committee:Final Accounts A Ghosh Committee:Modalities Of Implementation Of New 20 Point Programme A Ghosh Committee:Frauds & Malpractices In Banks Abid Hussain ..

Indian Money Market & Development of Banking in India

The money market is a mechanism that deals with the lending and borrowing of short term funds or debt securities (bankers acceptances, commercial paper, repos, negotiable certificates of deposit, and Treasury Bills with a maturity of one year or less). Money market securities are generally very safe investments which return a relatively low interest rate ..