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Avian Flu in Rajasthan

The Jhalawar town of Rajasthan has imposed a curfew in one-kilo metre radius after it was confirmed that fifty crows died of bird flu. What is the issue? Why did birds die in Rajasthan? Around fifty crows died in the Radi ke Balaji temple in Jhalawar town on December 25, 2020. The Animal Husbandry department ..




What is the reason behind birds’ death in Sambhar lake?

Avian Botulism, a bacterial disease caused by bacteria known as Clostridium Botulin, which affects the nervous system was found to be the reason behind the mass death of migratory birds at the Sambhar Lake in Rajasthan. Botulinum affects the nervous system of both humans and birds but the type of toxin varies as botulinum A, ..