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Web-based System to advise farmers on fertilizers

A web-based system has been developed by the Indian Institute of Soil Science that will suggest farmers the right quantity of fertilizers they should use in their soils for a particular type of crop. The software considers the soil type in different districts of the country and available nutrient in the soil. It takes into ..

National Certification “Indian Standards for Organic Textiles” (ISOT) to augment demand: Central Government

Objective of launching Indian Standards for Organic Textiles (ISOT): · To boost the demand for organic textiles in major markets, including Europe and Japan, the Union government launched National Certification Standards for organic textiles. · National Certification Standards to take over the long-standing position of the Global Organic Textiles standards (GOTS), which are private standards ..

Double-cropping in Assam to enhance farm yield

Assam government is planning to bring around 5 lakh hectares under double cropping pattern. In 2011, the Agriculture Department had launched double cropping in about 2, 90,000 hectares of mono-cropping land to enhance production and reach self-sufficiency in agriculture. Objective: To boost agriculture production and attain self-sufficiency in agriculture.

Bollgard II Roundup Ready Flex – Monsanto’s next-gen cotton technology

Monsanto: St Louis, US-based seed technology company. World’s leading producer of the herbicide glyphosate, marketed in the Roundup brand, and in other brands.  2nd largest producer of Genetically Engineered (GE) seed; it provides the technology in 49% of the genetically engineered seeds used in the US market.   Almost 10 years after it brought in ..

Government increases MSP of major Kharif crops

The government increased Minimum Support Price (MSPs) of primary kharif crops for the 2012-13 by up to 53 % that triggered concerns about further rise in food inflation. Why this rise in MSP (as it will trigger concerns about further rise in food inflation)? The raise was recommended by Commission for Agriculture Costs and Prices ..

Centre extends support to States to setup Grain Testing Laboratories

The Accelerated Pulse Production Programme (A3P) commences in the Kutch district in Gujarat Programme is under the National Food Security Scheme In first phase of the scheme, 3000 hectares of land will be cultivated for pulses production Under this scheme, a series of Training Programmes for the farmers have also been organized Objective: To present ..

Govt demands FCI to hire private godowns to store fresh crop

Food Minister K V Thomas held that the state-run FCI (Food Corporation of India) has been called for to hire private godowns in order to store fresh crop and he called food-grains storage as a challenging task in view of the record yield. He held that efforts are on to make extra storage capacity for ..

India to record highest ever production of Rice, Wheat and cotton

As per the Union Agriculture Minister, during 2011-12 India to record highest ever production of Rice, Wheat and Cotton. Food grain probable to touch a record level of 250.42 million tonnes. It was a result of the efforts of the farming community supported by government initiatives and participation of stakeholders. He also announced that various ..