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Low Cost Technology anti-ageing Compound developed by IIT-Guwahati

The researchers from IIT Guwahati developed a low-cost method to produce anti-ageing compounds. The compound has been developed from a wide range of agricultural resources such as pulses, tea, berries, orange peels, parsley, onion and sea buckthorn. About the product The product does not use organic solvents as done by the other commercial industry. This ..




Half yearly review of nutrient-based subsidy rates approved

The Cabinet Committee on Economic Affairs which is headed by PM Narendra Modi  has approved a half-yearly review of the nutrient-based rates of phosphate and potassium fertilizers. Hitherto these were reviewed annually. Futhermore, the Committee also reached a decision to keep the current subsidy rates of nitrogen, phosphorus, potash and sulphur based fertilizers for the ..