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AGNI-IV successfully test fired

AGNI-IV was successfully test fired from the Wheeler’s Island in Odisha. The missile was fired from the road mobile launcher. The main features of AGNI-IV: Nuclear capable ballistic missile Range: 4000kms Propelled by composite rocket motor technology Equipped with Avionics, 5th generation on Board Computer Latest features to correct and guide for in-flight disturbances Fitted ..

Army’s SFC successfully executes Agni-II launch mission

Agni-II launch was successfully executed by Army’s Strategic Forces Command (SFC). The Missile after its launch from the Wheeler Island travelled more than 2,000 km in 700 seconds and hit the target are in Bay of Bengal accurately. It is nuclear-capable missile which can carry warheads of one tonne. The success of the launch marks ..

Current Affairs: October 7, 2011

Nobel Peace Prize jointly won by 3 women Nobel Peace Prize, 2011 was awarded jointly to 3 women- 1.    Ms Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Liberian President 2.    Ms Leymah Gbowee, Liberian peace activist 3.    Ms Tawakkul Karman of Yemen   They were awarded for their work on women’s rights. Draft National Policy on IT unveiled Draft National policy on ..

Current Affairs February 10, 2010

Appointments:DG of National Investigation Agency: SC SinhaNew NIA head is CBI special director S.C. Sinha from February 2010, a 1975 Indian Police Service (IPS) officer, he became the second chief of the National Investigation Agency (NIA), succeeding Radha Vinod Raju who retired. Sinha’s tenure is expected to be till Oct 31,2013. Events & Happenings:Pangsau Pass ..