Administration and Governance

Probity in Governance

Probity (Satyanishtha in Hindi) literally means a complete and confirmed integrity; having strong moral principles. Every day, we hear and talk about probity in public life. We expect our political leaders and bureaucrats to be transparent in their dealings. Their alleged misdeeds, scandals and scams are publicized and discussed threadbare. We seek revenge and demand […]


Accountability of a Civil Servant

The accountability of civil servants both to ministers and to the Parliament, are constitutional and politically significant. The personal accountability of civil servants and their responsibility towards the society are equally substantial and they are interconnected. In particular their accountability of the actions and the responsibility towards it are prompted by the following progress. The […]

Ethics is Grounded in the Notion of Accountability

People seek accountability. They want to know who is responsible and accountable for certain actions and the consequences of those actions. Responsibility refers to “a sphere of duty or obligation” assigned to a person by the nature of that person’s position, function, or work. Responsibility refers to the multiple facets of both processes and outcomes. […]

A catalogue of Higher Civil Service

What are the rules governing the higher civil service appointment? How in the decades the procedure lost its relevance and such appointment becomes merely political?

Gigantic Memorials and public good

“Instead of mindlessly spending money on gigantic memorials, it would serve the public good if it is spent on conserving neglected heritage structures.” Comment.