ArcelorMittal Orbit

ArcelorMittal Orbit is the name of an Observation Tower constructed in Olympic Park, London at the cost of £23 m. This 115 meter high observation tower cum steel sculpture is Britain’s largest piece of public art, and is a permanent, lasting legacy of London’s hosting of the 2012 Summer Olympics. Sited between the Olympic Stadium ..


Arab-India Partnership Conference 2012

Arab-India Partnership Conference 2012: "Development through Trade & Investment" was recently organised in Abu Dhabi amidst an ar of optimism. It witnessed 700 plus delegates from 22 Arab states and India. The outcome of the coference called Abu Dhabi Declaration has commended the role of Indian businesses in the economic development of several Arab states. ..

Active Denial System

Active Denial System (ADS) / Heat Ray Active Denial System (ADS) or Heat Ray is a directed energy weapons in development, which uses a millimetre wave beam to heat the skin and cause a painful burning sensation. The weapon, developed by the US military is non-lethal and is designed for area denial, perimeter security and ..

Authority for Advance Rulings ( AAR )

Many companies are vexed as they are unable to plan their tax affairs due to delays in securing advance rulings on their international transactions. An advance ruling gives certainty as to tax liability and reduces disputes. The authority for advance rulings (AAR), a quasi judicial body. The AAR’s verdict is binding on the taxpayer and ..

Arba Minch

Arba Minch is a city in southern Ethiopia. It was recently in news because in late 2011, United States had built a has built a new drone base keeping a vigil over neighboring Somalia, where the United States and its allies in the region have been targeting al-Shabab, a militant Islamist group connected to al-Qaeda.