What is AWACS? AWACS stands for Airborne Warning And Control System that helps the Air Force detect incoming missiles and enemy aircraft from across the country’s border. AWACS is described as an ‘Eye in the Sky’ as it can carry out surveillance at about 400-km range under all-weather situations, and to lock on to 60 ..


Australopithecus sediba

Australopithecus sediba are the human-like creatures, whose fossils were first found in South Africa, in Malapa in the famous Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site, in 2008 and were first described in 2010. The team which discovered the remains has recently come with deeper analysis of the remains and says that they are the ancient ..


ISRO Chairman K Radhakrishnan recently said that ISRO would launch its first navigation satellite next year, under its Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System programme which would be followed by six more such spacecraft. He said that ISRO was now going to make a “very major inroad” in science, and referred to Astrosat, a multi wave-length ..