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Agricultural Biosecurity Bill, 2013

The inflow of pests/diseases of plants and animals into countries through imports is considered one of the biggest threats to diversity, leading to huge economic losses. All of you must know that the weed Parthenium hysterophorous, called Gajar Ghas is a highly prevalent invasive species in India. This species is originally a native to the ..


Village Buddha

Prof. Shoji Shiba is an international expert in Total Quality Management (TQM) and Breakthrough Management. Globally he is best known for developing the “Five Step Discovery Process” for Breakthrough Management. Awarded by Padma Shri Award in 2012 by Government of India, Shoji Shiba has been guiding the transformation of the Indian manufacturing industry in recent ..


General Knowledge of Basel III

The role of banks in global and national economies is very important. The banking industry holds reliance of the entire economy and it is important for the authorities to maintain control over the practices of banks. The most common objectives of banking regulations are as follows: Prudential Objectives:to reduce the level of risk to bank ..


Economic Analysis of Direct Cash Transfer scheme

The objectives of the Direct Cash Transfer scheme are noble. The thrust is on transition from the creaky, product-centered subsidies to a system of electronic, direct cash transfers to the needy people. The proponents hail the scheme as a panacea to all current problems. The expectations from this scheme are as follows: There is widespread ..


Gas Pricing in India

India is the world’s seventh largest energy producer, accounting for 2.49% of the world’s total annual energy production. Natural gas has emerged as the most preferred fuel due to its inherent environmentally benign nature, greater efficiency and cost effectiveness. Natural gas is a scarce resource in India and Govt. of India plays an important role ..


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