Zero Discrimination Day observed all over the world

On March 1, 2020, Zero Discrimination Day was observed globally. The day was observed to challenge discrimination and inequality faced by women and girls. It aims to protect rights of women and promote their empowerment and gender equality. This year the day was observed under the theme

Theme: Zero Discrimination against Women and Girls


The Zero Discrimination Day is observed by the United Nations AIDS Programme. Every year the day is observed on March 1. It was first marked in 2014. It is being associated with the AIDS Programme as the United Nations believe that fighting discrimination against women is important to eradicate AIDS.

Sustainable Development Goal

The United Nations aims to end the threat towards AIDS programme by the year 2030 as a part of Sustainable Development Goal.


It is important to mark the day as one among three women in the world are experiencing some form of violence. There are more than 50% of women that have reported violence against them globally according to UN. Therefore, it is important to mark these days to increase awareness.




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