Yogasana recognized as a competitive Sport in India

The Sports Ministry has formally recognized Yogasana as a competitive sport. This will enable the ancient practice to avail Government funding. This was done to spread awareness about Yoga and its benefits and help improve physical and mental wellbeing of the people.

Key Highlights

After its recognition as a competitive sport, Yogasana becomes eligible to enter several sports event. An International Yogasana Sports Federation was formed under the leadership of Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev. Also, National Yogasana Sports Federation was established that will preserve and develop Yoga as a competitive sport. The federation was recognized by the sports ministry as a National Sports Federation in November 2020.

Yogasana is to be inducted with Khelo India Games Programme.

Yogasana in Khelo India

Under Khelo India, the Sports Ministry is to conduct four events and fifty-one medals have been proposed. The Yogasana sport is to be conducted in seven categories. They are Rhythmic Yogasana, Traditional Yogasana, individual all round championship, team championship, artistic Yogasana. In Srtistic Yogasana, single and pair categories have been included. In Rhythmic Yogasana, pair, free flow and group Yogasana have been included

National Individual Yogasana Sport Championship has also been proposed. This is to be held in district, state, national and world level.

What is the plan?

With Yogasana being introduced as a sport, the following are to be implemented by the Sports Ministry

  • Launch of Annual Calendar of competitions, programmes and events of Yogasana sport
  • Development of automated scoring system for Yogasana Championship.
  • Courses for referees, coaches, directors and judges of competitions
  • Coaching camps for Yogasana players
  • A League of Yogasana is to be launched. This will ensure a career, a social status for performers, practitioners, experts and will create sports star among the Yogasana Athletes.
  • Yogasana will be introduced as a sport discipline in Khelo India, National Games and International Sports Events.
  • Several steps are to be launched to create job opportunities for Yogasana Athletes.




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