World NGO Day 2022

Every year on February 27, people all over the world celebrate World NGO Day to honour the work and contributions of various NGOs. NGO stands for Non-Governmental Organization, and it is a type of organization that works to improve society.


  • This day recognizes, honours, and celebrates non-profit and non-governmental organizations, as well as people who volunteer their time and effort to make society a better place to live.

History of this day

In 2010, 12 countries from the Baltic Sea NGO Forum in Vilnius, Lithuania, recognized and proposed World NGO Day. Denmark, Belarus, Finland, Estonia, Iceland, Germany, Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Poland, Sweden, and Norway were among the Baltic Sea NGO Forum’s members.

On February 27, 2014, Finland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs sponsored the first global inaugural event of World NGO Day in Helsinki, Finland. The heads of UNESCO, UNOPS, the European Union, UNDP, the Nordic Council, and other international organizations were among the international guests.

Aim of this day

World NGO Day strives to raise awareness about this sector and inspire those working in this sector for a good cause all around the world. One interesting feature about World NGO Day is that each country’s government appreciates the people associated with this sector in the official language of their state.




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