World First Satellite based two way messaging system

Qualcomm launched the first satellite-based two-way messaging. It is called Snapdragon Satellite. This means this you can use SMS just like WhatsApp. In two-way messaging like Whatsapp, both participants can send or receive messages simultaneously. But in one-way messaging apps offering SMS services, only one operation is possible.

About Snap Dragon Satellite

  • It was launched at the CES 2023
  • It is powered by a 5G Modem RF system
  • It can support 5G non-terrestrial networks. NTN is used in flying objects

In simple terms

X and Y are conversing. X sends “Hi”. Y receives and replies “Hello”. Now before receiving Y’s Hello, X sends another message “How are you”. Now “Hello” from Y and “How are you” from X have a clash. Either one has to wait. This waiting is not there in two-way communication. Conversations occur just because you speak on phone.

Supported by the Iridium Satellite constellation

The two-way messaging system is supported by the Iridium satellite constellation. The Iridium constellation was launched by the Iridium communication-based in the US. The main purpose of the satellites is to provide L-band data, mostly voice data. And is being widely used in satellite phones.




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