World Elder Abuse Awareness Day

World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is marked on June 15 every year. The day raise awareness regarding abuses (verbal, physical or emotional) suffered by elderly population across the world.


This year, theme of World Elder Abuse Awareness Day is ‘Access to Justice’.


The day was started being celebrated in June 2006 following a request made to declare June 15 as a special day for elders. However, United Nations General Assembly (UNGA) officially recognised the day in 2011.

Significance of the day

In 2021, the day is more relevant in view of Covid-19 pandemic that has affected millions of lives worldwide. Pandemic is causing fear and suffering for older people. apart from impacting their health, pandemic is making older people vulnerable to poverty, discrimination and isolation. Further, older population are at risk of mortality. UN estimated, 66 percent of people aged 70 and above have at least one underlying condition which is putting them at increased risk of Covid-19 induced complications. Older persons also face age discrimination with respect to medical care, triage and life-saving therapies.




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