WHO: Spraying of Disinfectants in streets is not Effective

The World Health Organization recently announced to its member countries that spraying of disinfectants on roads is not effective. The organization rather says that spraying disinfectants can be harmful to public health.


According to World Health Organization, fumigation or spraying of disinfectants on the streets and market places is not recommended to kill COVID-19. This is because the dirt and debris inactivate the disinfectants

Why is spraying of disinfectant not recommended?

The WHO says that even in absence of organic matter, spraying of disinfectants will not cover the surfaces for the time period that is required to deactivate the pathogens.

Also, streets and pavements have still not considered as reservoirs of COVID-19 infection. Also, spraying disinfectants on roads is highly dangerous to human health.

Apart from these, spraying other toxic substances like chlorine on people can also lead to eye and skin irritation, bronchospasm and gastrointestinal effects.


The WHO recommends that if a disinfectant has to be applied it has to be done with a cloth or wipe that is soaked in disinfectant.

Till now, there are no information about how long COVID-19 virus stays on a surface. There are several studies that say that the virus can stay differently on different materials.




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