What is Sprut-SDM1 light amphibious tank?

Russia is set to demonstrate its Sprut-SDM1 light amphibious tank during the Indian Army’s upcoming tender for light tanks.

Key facts

  • Sprut-SDM1, equipped with a 125 mm tank gun, is the only light amphibious tank of its class to have firepower equivalent to that of the main battle tank.
  • The amphibious tank is capable of crossing water obstacles and firing a gun while afloat.
  • It can disembark from ships, be transferred by military cargo planes, or can be parachuted with the crew.
  • Its maximum range is 500 km without refueling.
  • It can operate both day and night and at extremely high and low temperatures as well.
  • This tank is equipped with a guided missile system designed to eliminate armored targets, including those equipped with Explosive Reactive Armours (ERA).
  • Sprut-SDM1 provides fire support for forces engaged in combat with heavily armored targets, eliminates enemy strongholds and defenses, conducts battle surveillance, and maintains combat security.
  • The Indian Army is currently looking to equip its light tank with loitering munition, artificial intelligence (AI), tactical surveillance drone integration, and an active protection system to improve situational awareness.
  • The presence of light tanks could significantly improve the combat ability of the Indian Army at the High Altitude Areas because of their high level of maneuverability.
  • This will help India secure its high-altitude borders with China.
  • China currently has a variety of lightweight tanks, while India deploys heavyweight tanks like the T-90 and T-72.
  • Beijing has stationed third-generation modern light tanks along the LAC over the past two years amid the border standoff with India.
  • This has given China a significant advantage over Indian forces since Chinese ZTQ-15 light tanks sped through mountain passages that Indian armored battalion with T-72s found difficult to operate in at the height of up to 17,500 feet.
  • This challenge has led India to procure light tanks and also launch Project Zorawar, which aims to induct light tanks capable of faster mobilization and deployment in high-altitude conflict zones.





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