What is HIV Prevention Model of India?

On November 18, 2020, the Union Health Minister Dr Harsh Vardhan addressed the Ministerial meeting of the Global Prevention Coalition for HIV prevention. During the meet, the minister shared about the success of HIV Prevention Model of India.

Key Highlights

The minister stressed upon the following as India’s actions under its HIV Prevention Model

  • The HIV Prevention Model of India is centred around the concept of ‘Social Contracting”. The Targeted Interventions Programme is implemented under this concept.
  • Test and Treat Policy was adopted.
  • Mission SAMPARAK was launched. Under this, around 50,000 people living with HIV who were lost to follow-up were linked back to Anti-Retroviral Treatment services.
  • Adolescence Education Programme is being implemented in 23 states. It covers more than 49,000 schools.
  • HIV/AIDS (Prevention and Control) act, 2017 was passed.

India has so far succeeded in reducing its HIV infection mainly because of National AIDS Control Programme.

National AIDS Control Programme

It was launched in 1992 to prevent and control AIDS in India. Till now, four phases of the programme have been implemented. National AIDS Control Organisation is implementing the programme.
Currently, India is implementing National Strategic Plan (2017-24) that aims to eradicate AIDS by 2030.

HIV/AIDS in India

According to the National AIDS Control Organisation, more than 2.11 million people lived with HIV in India in 2015. As of 2018, India was home to third largest population of AIDS patients.

Antiretroviral Treatment in India

The treatment for AIDS in India is provided at the ART centres. The number of these centres have been increased from 54 to 91. The ART drugs do not cure AIDS. However, it helps to suppress the HIV virus.

HIV/AIDS act, 2017

The act came into force in 2018. The act aims to control and prevent the spread of the disease. It prohibits denial or unfair treatment of person with AIDS with regard to educational establishment, employment, health care services, insurance provisions, etc.




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