What is Five Eyes Alliance?

The Five Eyes countries recently issued a joint statement expressing their concern about increasing Chinese curbs on the autonomy of Hong Kong. The joint statement was issued following the postponement of Legislative Council elections that was due in September 2020 and imposition of national security law in Hong Kong. According to the countries the decisions of China undermined the autonomy of Hongkong and its freedom and rights.

 What is Five Eyes Alliance?

The Five Eyes (FVEY) is an intelligence alliance consisting of Australia, Canada, the UK, New Zealand and the US. These countries are parties to the UKUSA Agreement – a multilateral agreement for cooperation in the signal intelligence. Recently, foreign ministers of these countries called on China to reinstate disqualified elected legislators in Hong Kong as part of its campaign to silence critics.

 Why was the Five Eyes Alliance formed?

After World War II, the allies laid out goals for peaceful post world war era. In 1941, the allies issued the Atlantic charter. The Charter mainly outlined the aims of United Kingdom and United States for the post World war World. The key provisions of the Charter were as follows

  • No territorial changes shall be made against the wishes of the people
  • Restoration of self-government to those who were deprived of it
  • Freedom of the seas
  • Freedom from fear
  • Disarmament of aggressor nations

This charter is till date considered as the base for the formation of five eyes Alliance. The alliance has so far mainly targeted against China, Russia and North Korea.

What is ECHELON associated with Five Eyes Alliance?

It was originally a secret surveillance program operated by the United States with the help of other four signatories of the UKUSA Security Agreement.

What are Nine Eyes?

Along with 5 Eyes members the 9 Eyes includes France, Denmark, Norway and Netherlands.

What are Fourteen Eyes?

Along with five Eyes members and 9 Eyes members the 14 eyes members include Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy and Sweden.

What were the Surveillance Programmes operated by Five Eyes Alliance?

PRISM, Tempora, XKeyscore, STATEROOM and MUSCULAR were the secret surveillance missions operated by the Five Eyes Alliance.




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