US will not send ground troops in Iraq

US President Barack Obama has insisted that US ground troops will not return to Iraq despite proposals from his top military commander who suggested that the option of sending combat troops to Iraq may be considered later if the airstrikes and the coalition seem ineffective against ISIS.
Addressing the US Central Command in Florida, President repeated his earlier plan that U.S. troops “do not and will not have a combat mission” in Iraq against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. “After a decade of massive ground deployments, it is more effective to use our unique capabilities in support of partners on the ground so they can secure their own countries’ futures,” he said. “And that’s the only solution that will succeed over the long term.” General doesn’t
“As your commander in chief, I will not commit you and the rest of our armed forces to fighting another ground war in Iraq”. The President said that US will use its unique capabilities of air-strikes against the ISIS alongwith the help of its coalition partners who will take care of the ground offensive and help secure their own territory.
President also said that missions where US takes over all the roles alone and not involve the forces of the country under question, the real problem starts when the US forces leave.
The hypothetical remark by Obama’s top military advisor had created much flutter in the country. The Americans who support their President for the use of air-strikes in Iraq and Syria against the growing strength of ISIS, are still averse to the idea of a complete combat mission of American troops participating in the war. Obama clarified that the US advisors in Iraq will only help in training the local army and also for gathering intelligence.



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