US President: Afghanistan leaders must ‘fight for their nation’

On August 10, 2021, Taliban captured ‘Pul-e-Khumri’ (capital of northern province of Baghlan) and Afghan security forces retreated towards Kelagi desert. Pul-e-Khumri is the seventh regional capital that came under control of the Islamist militants within a week.

Joy Biden’s call

  • Following the Taliban’s gain, US President Joy Biden call the Afghan leaders to come together and fight for the nation. He highlighted that, Afghan troops outnumber the Islamist militants so they should fight.
  • He also does not regret his decision to withdraw as USA has spent more than $1 trillion in 20 years and lost thousands of troops.
  • He further notes, United States continues to provide significant air support, food, equipment and salaries to forces in Afghanistan.

Taliban’s control

Taliban forces have gained control of over 65% of Afghanistan. They now threaten to take 11 provincial capitals. They also seek to deprive Kabul of its traditional support from national forces.

How government in Afghanistan is tackling the situation?

Afghan government has withdrawn from hard-to-defend rural districts and has started focusing on holding population centers. Officials have appealed to put pressure on Pakistan to stop Taliban reinforcements and supplies flowing from border.

Displaced Civilians

According to the head of national disaster authority, fighting has been going on across 25 provinces out of 34. It has resulted into displacement of some 60,000 families in past two months. They are seeking refuge in Kabul. In the recent months, 400,000 Afghans have been displaced. Number of people fleeing to Iran has also increased. India also sent a flight to northern Afghanistan to take back its citizens. United States and Britain also advised citizens to leave Afghanistan.




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