US-India Initiative on Critical and Emerging Technologies

The Government of India has been bringing tremendous changes in the defense sector in the recent past. The changes made the defense ministry, the largest buyer of MSME goods in 2022 amongst all other ministries. India is also pushing startups to participate in defense modernization. Only 293 startups in India are registered in the defense sector. To boost the numbers and to welcome more defense startups into the sector, an innovation bridge was formed between India and USA. It was formed under the iCET initiative.

What is iCET initiative?

  • iCET is the Initiative on Critical and Emerging Technologies.
  • The initiative will work to connect the defense startups in India and USA
  • It was jointly launched by India and USA
  • Launched in the Washington, USA
  • Launched by India’s National Security Advisor Ajit Doval and his counter (US Security Advisor Jake Sullivan)


  • The iCET signifies the strategic and scientific partnership between India and USA.
  • The initiative will pave way for the emerging technologies, co-production and will further strengthen India-US relations.


The US designated India as its Major Defence Partner opening doors for Indian procurement. India-US signed DTTI, COMCASA, BECA, and LEMOA to boost their defence ties. Now, the iCET initiative is to add to the strong bonding created by these agreements.




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