US establishes New Military Space Command

President Trump has signed the order which formally establishes a new military headquarters for space operations as part of his efforts to ensure the US maintains an edge over potential adversaries like Russia and China.

US Space Command

  • The main goal of the Space command is to secure and extend American dominance of the space domain.
  • The space command will draw on troops from other branches of the military as well as proposed Space Force which s awaiting the approval of US congress.
  • Rather than deploying soldiers in space, the Space Command will focus on national security and preserving the satellites and vehicles that are dedicated to international communications and observation.
  • Space could be a new warfighting domain and the US aims to be combat-ready with Military Space Force.
  • The Space Command will be responsible to deter and defeat threats in space and will organize, train, and equip military space forces.
  • The Space Command will ensure unfettered access to, and freedom to operate in space, and to provide vital capabilities to joint and coalition forces.

The United States Space Force when established would be the sixth branch of the United States armed forces alongside Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard.


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