US all set to label Iran’s RGC as a terrorist outfit

The United States of America is all set to designate Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Corps as a terrorist organisation as per the reports which appeared in the Wall Street Journal. It will mark as a first time in the world history that Washington has labelled the army of another country as a military organisation. The move is said will invoke similar reactions from other non-friendly governments i.e. will expose both US military and intelligence to same reactions. The announcement will be made by US State Department early next week.

The decision has been in rumours for years although there have been no comments from Pentagon even on the queries which have been referred to the State Department. There have been no comments from the White House as well. There was no statement from the Iranian mission to the United Nations.

Mike Pompeo who is a known critic of the Republic of Iran has designated this change in the policy of US administration as part of President Trump’s tough Iranian posture. It is speculated that the announcement will be made before the first anniversary of the decision of President Donald Trump to pull out of the JCPOA or Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or the 2015 Nuclear Deal which the US had signed with Iran to stop it from further enriching of Uranium so it could not develop it to weapons grade. The decision was followed by US sanctions on Iran which had crippled its economy. Many dozens of people and entities have already been blacklisted by the US for having and maintaining affiliations with IRGC. The recent round of sanctions has targeted a network of companies and individuals who have been transferring many billions of dollars and euros to the IRGC.

Iran has vowed to take a stern response if the US goes ahead with the decision about the designation of its army. Mohammad Ali Jafari, the commander of IRGC had already warned in 2017 that if the US goes ahead with the decision, then the American army all around the world will be considered as Islamic State by the Revolutionary Guards. The latter kind of threats can be highly detrimental to US forces which have been posted in Iraq especially where Iran-aligned Shia militia are placed in closeness to the US troops. Republican senators have said that the move will act as a significant step in line with the maximum pressure campaign of US on Tehran.




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