UK announces new sanctions against Myanmar

Foreign Secretary of United Kingdom, Dominic Raab, has announced new sanctions against Myanmar on September 2, 2021.


  • New sanctions were imposed on Myanmar to affect the businesses that provide financial support to the military junta.
  • According to UK government, new sanctions are aimed at Myanmar businessman U Tay Za and his Htoo Group.
  • Htoo business group is a large business network which controls several activities in Myanmar. It has been accused of funding the clearance of Rohingya in Rakhine in 2017.

U Tay Za – Military ties

U Tay Za is having a close tie with the military because of his connections with the junta leaders. He has always provided support to supply the militias with arms & weapons. This has resulted into

What does this sanction mean?

These sanctions clarify that, UK will take concrete measures to restrict the junta’s access to finance and economic resources. It will also target business networks associated with the military regime.

Why new sanction announced?

New sanction was announced because military junta showed no signs of stopping its brutal attack on the people of Myanmar. Myanmar’s military also operated a successful coup on Myanmar’s government and announced a year-long state of emergency in the country.

How this sanction will impact U Tay Za?

According to UK government, they are freezing all the UK assets that are owned by Htoo Group and U Tay Za immediately. He has also been banned from entering the UK. New sanctions also provide for stopping banks or lenders in Myanmar from providing any financial support to him for personal purposes or his business group. These sanctions will ensure that the supply of arms to Myanmar is stopped.




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