Tsunami warnings issued in New Zealand

The National Emergency Management Agency highlighted that; New Zealand has issued a Tsunami warning in the coastal areas on March 4, 2021 following an earthquake of magnitude 8.0 in the north-eastern coast of the country in the Kermadec Islands region.


This was the third earthquake that struck the north-eastern area of the country, following a 7.4 magnitude earthquake in the same region. The country also witnessed a 7.2 magnitude earthquake which was about 900 kilometres away towards east of North Island. Following the tsunami warnings, people near the East Coast of the North Island, from the Matata to Tolaga Bay, Whakatane & Opotiki, from Bay of Islands to Whangarei and the Great Barrier Island have been asked to move immediately to high ground. This, the tsunami prone zones have been evacuated.

Threat Level

National Emergency Management Agency in the latest update mentioned that, the GNS Science has reported that the largest waves have now passed. Thus, the threat level has now downgraded to the Beach and Marine threat for all areas that were under Land and Marine threat.

Areas which are still under threat

The areas that are still under the Beach and Marine Threat are, North Cape from AHIPARA to Bay of Islands; Great Barrier Island, Chatham Island, East Coast of North Island from the Cape Runaway to Tolaga Bay.

Great Barrier Island

The island is situated in the outer Hauraki Gulf, New Zealand. It is located at a distance of 100 kilometres from the north-east of central Auckland. It has an area of 285 square kilometres. The island is the sixth-largest island of New Zealand. The highest point on the island is Mount Hobson. It is 627 metres above sea level.

Tolaga Bay

It is a bay as well as a small town to the East Coast of North Island in New Zealand. The region around the bay is rugged and remote. For many years, it was accessible by boat. It is a popular holiday spot.




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