Triple lockdown

Triple lockdown is a COVID-19 control strategy experimented by Kerala in Thiruvananthapuram and Kasaragod last year.

It is a highly restrictive strategy involving focused intervention at 3 levels to restrict public movement while keeping the operations of essential sectors unhindered.

The 1st lock is a general containment strategy. The 2nd lock is used in clusters where the contacts (primary and secondary) of the infected persons are quarantined. These are containment zones with higher police presence. The 3rd lock which is much more focused targets the households of the infected persons. 1998 Gujarat Cyclone was an extremely severe cyclonic storm that developed near the Lakshadweep Islands and struck the Gujarat region. It is also known as ARB 02.

One of the quantitative tools used by the RBI to control inflation is by fixing the SLR or Statutory Liquidity Ratio. SLR is the minimum percentage of deposits to be held in form of liquid assets (cash, gold, etc.) by commercial banks.

Another quantitative tool used by the RBI is the Cash Reserve Ratio or CRR which is the portion of total deposits in a commercial bank to be held in the form of cash.


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