Three New Bridges of BRO help Indian Army move tanks in Eastern Ladakh

On July 7, 2020, three new bridges were opened in the Ladakh region. The bridges were built by Border Road Organization. The bridges will help heavy artillery of Indian Army reach Eastern Ladakh.


The old Bailey bridge in the Ladakh region were capable of carrying only 24 tonnes of artilleries. These bridges were replaced by sturdier bridges that are now capable of bearing 70 tonnes of loads. They are called the R-70 class of bridge by the Indian army.

The construction of the bridges were completed in 3 month time period.

About the bridges

After the stand off at the Pangong Tso lake and in other parts of Ladakh, Indian Army fast tracked the construction processes. Also, the Defence Ministry quickly placed orders to increase defence artillery, especially aircrafts that play major role in the protecting mountainous terrains of Ladakh.

The recently built 60-metre bridge across Galwan river in June 2020, while India-China was facing serious stand off helped in the commute of Indian Army to a great extent. The bridge aids in protecting the 255 km strategic road that connects the last military post of India.

Galwan river

The Galwan river flows from the Aksai Chin region to Ladakh of India. It originates from the Karakoram range and joins the Shyok river (a tributary of Indus). The river is named after Ghulam Rasool Galwan, who explored the course of the river in 1899.




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