Telecom Disputes Settlement & Appellate Tribunal

TDSAT (Telecom Disputes Settlement & Appellate Tribunal) was set up in May 2000 by the government of India. The Telecom Disputes Settlement and Appellate Tribunal was set up so that it can adjudicate over disputes that arise in the telecommunication sector.  It was established with the view to protect the interest of the consumers and service providers of the telecommunication sector and also to encourage and ensure the growth of the telecommunication sector.

It consists of a chairperson and two members.

  • The qualification of the chairperson of TDSAT is that he has to be either the chief justice of a High Court or a judge of the Supreme Court.
  • The qualification of the other 2 members of Telecom Disputes Settlement & Appellate Tribunal are that he must have been in the post of Secretary to the Indian government for a period of 2 years or he must have extensive knowledge in the field of telecommunication, commerce, industry, and technology.
  • The chairperson and other members of the TDSAT are liable to hold office for a term of 3 years.


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