Telangana- UNDP MoU on DiCRA

Government of Telangana recently announced “Data in Climate Resilient Agriculture (DiCRA)” as a part of Digital Public Goods Alliance, in association with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

What is DiCRA?

  • DiCRA is the latest addition to Digital Public Goods Registry.
  • This platform is powered by Artificial Intelligence and aims to strengthen food systems and food security.
  • It is important milestone in Government’s commitment towards open data policy, anticipatory governance to tackle global challenge of food security and service delivery to farmers.
  • DiCRA supply intelligence on climate resilience at farm-level.

Significance of the platform

DiCRA is a digital solution, launched with the aim of attain the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). It will help farmers in reducing the effects of climate change on crops & livestock, improving the resilience of their livelihoods, and wider food security. This is first-of-its kind digital solution, launched to bring stakeholders like data scientists, organizations, government, and citizens together, with the objective of promoting open innovation & strengthening climate resilience in agriculture.

How will DiCRA help in mitigating climate change impact?

Climate change affects the crop yield, nutritional quality as well as livestock productivity. DiCRA will help in identifying which farms are resilient to climate change and which are highly vulnerable, using its remote sensing and pattern detection algorithms. It will use open-source technologies for facilitating analysis and insights sharing on climate resilience. It will provide the vital data and analytics to farmers in India and by this enable the farmers to reduce the climate change effects on crops and livestock.

Effects of climate change on agriculture

In India, agriculture is vulnerable to climate change. High temperature reduces the crop yields, while favours the weed and pest proliferation. Climate change negatively effects the irrigated crop yields across agro-ecological regions because of increasing temperature and changing pattern of water availability.

India-UNDP Collaborations

UNDP has been collaborating in various areas with different State Governments in India. For example:

  1. UNDP and Odisha government partnered for water management,
  2. UNDP is working with governments and innovators for creating digital public goods of the future.
  3. UNDP and Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare inked MoU, under which UNDP provides technical support to Centre’s Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana (PMFBY) scheme and Kisan Credit Card.




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