Tawang Area

The Shimla Accord, or the Convention Between Great Britain, China, and Tibet, Simla as a treaty concerning the status of Tibet negotiated by representatives of the Republic of China, Tibet and the United Kingdom in Simla in 1913 and 1914.

  • The Accord provided that Tibet would be divided into “Outer Tibet” and “Inner Tibet”.
    • Outer Tibet, would “remain in the hands of the Tibetan Government at Lhasa under Chinese suzerainty, but China would not interfere in its administration.
    • “Inner Tibet”, roughly would be under the jurisdiction of the Chinese government. The Accord with its annexes also defines the boundary between Tibet and China proper and between Tibet and British India. China rejected the Accord.

However Tawang is culturally integrated to Tibet through Bomdila and the monastery of Buddhism practiced in Tibet due to Ethinic similarity.

Despite many solutions put forward like the package deal solving border dispute still is a pretentious issue. Both countries need to recognize the mutual threat of terrorism would increase if they over indulge in the boundary confrontations.


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