“Tamil Thai Vaazhthu” declared Tamil Nadu’s State Song

The Tamil Nadu government declared Tamil Thai Vaazhthu, as the State Song on December 17, 2021.

Key Facts

  • Tamil Thai Vaazhthu is a prayer song sung in praise of Mother Tamil.
  • It is a 55-second song and is sung at the beginning of functions across all government offices, educational institutions, public sector undertakings and similar public events, on the line of national anthem.

Kan. Ilango v. State case in HC

The observations on Tamil Thai Vaazhthu song were made by Justice G R Swaminathan in Kan. Ilango v. State case, on December 6. State was represented by Inspector of Police & Another. HC quashed an FIR registered against a group of individuals headed by Kan. Ilango. The group had allegedly entered the Kanchi Mutt branch in Rameswaram in 2018 and raised slogans. They also criminally intimidated the manager of Kanchi mutt.

What was the issue?

The group protesters belonged to the Naam Tamilar Katchi, which is a Tamil nationalist organisation led by Senthamizhan Seeman. They were protesting against the Pontiff of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam who had remained sitting during a function, while Tamil Thai Vaazhthu was played. This had triggered considerable outrage.

Court’s stance on Tamil Thai Vaazhuthu

The court has ruled that Tamil Thai Vaazhthu is a prayer song and not an Anthem. Highest reverence and respect should be shown to the prayer song but it is not necessary to stand for it.

Reasoning of court’s stance

Court made reference to a call by Government of Tamil Nadu on June 17, 1970. Then, the government had directed that a song from ‘Manonmaneeyam’, should be sung as prayer song at the beginning of all functions organised by government, local bodies and educational institutions. Manonmaneeyam is a famous Tamil drama written by P Sundaram Pillai.



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