Tamil Nadu girl appointed UNADAP Goodwill Ambassador

M Nethra, from Madurai, Tamil Nadu, has been appointed as the United Nations Association for Development and Peace (UNADAP)’s Goodwill ambassador for the poor.

The daughter of a salon owner, convinced her father to donate Rs 5 lac, which were saved for her education, to help the poor amid the coronavirus lockdown.

She has also been praised for her gesture, by the Chief Minister of the State and she will also be honoured with an award named after late Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa. The UNADAP will also provide an opportunity to Nethra, to speak at the UN Conferences in New York and Geneva.

About United Nations Association for Development and Peace (UNADAP) : UNADAP is an organisation run by former Diplomats, International civil servants, political ministers, and anti-corruption activists, championing world leaders with a focus on community capacity building.



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