Swedish PM Stefan Lofven loses no-confidence vote

Swedish Prime Minister, Stefan Lofven, has become country’s first prime minister to lose a no-confidence vote.

Key Points

  • Losing a no-confidence vote means, he can now either resign or trigger a snap election.
  • Motion of no confidence was passed with a majority of 181 MPs in 349-seat parliament.
  • Lofven is the first head of government to lose a no-confidence vote and it means collapse of Social Democrat and Green Party coalition minority government.

Political Crisis in Sweden

Political crisis in Sweden was triggered by a project to reform its rent controls and open door for landlords to freely set rents for new apartments. However, this project is still in its preliminary stages. This project is being seen as odds with Swedish social model and as a threat to tenants.

The Riksdag

Swedish Parliament is called as Riksdag. It is the national legislature and supreme decision-making body of Sweden. Riksdag has been a unicameral legislature since 1971. It is having 349 members who are elected proportionally and serving for a fixed four-year term. Constitutional functions of Riksdag are enumerated in instrument of Government and its internal workings are mentioned in Riksdag Act.




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