Steadfast Defender 21 war Games

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) is organising “Steadfast Defender 21 war games” military exercises in Europe as tensions with Russia increases.


In the war names, NATO troops, warships and dozens of aircrafts are taking part.  Military exercises are taking place across Atlantic, through Europe and into Black Sea region.

Steadfast Defender 21

This war games are being organised with the aim of simulating response of 30-nation military organisation for attack on any one of its members. It seeks to test ability of NATO to deploy troops from America.

Why this war games were launched?

These war games were launched in the aftermath of Russia’s decision to send thousands of troops across border area with Ukraine. It has raised concern at military alliance that launched biggest ever defense spending initiatives after Russian troops acquired Crimean Peninsula of Ukraine in 2014.

Do these military exercises aim at Russia?

According to NATO, military exercises do not aim at Russia specifically. But focus on Black Sea region, where Russia blocks free navigation of ships.

North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

It is an intergovernmental military alliance of 30 European and North American countries. NATO implements North Atlantic Treaty which was signed in 1949. NATO comprises a system of collective defence in which independent member states provides for mutual defence if any member is attacked by external party. Organisation is headquartered in Belgium.




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