Spice+ web form

The union ministry of corporate affairs recently notified the SPICe+ web form, to replace the SPICe form. This is aimed at improving the ease of doing business in India.

  • What is SPICe+ web form?

The SPICe+ web form stands for Simplified Proforma for Incorporating Company Electronically Plus. It was launched with the view of improving the ease of doing business in India. It is an integrated web form that aims to save time and cost for establishing a business in the country.

  • Which ministry launched the SPICe+?

The SPICe+ web form was launched by the union ministry of corporate affairs. It is to replace the currently used SPICe form. The new web form will offer 10 services provided by the ministry of labour and the department of revenue of the finance ministry apart from the corporate affairs ministry. It will also offer service from the Maharashtra state government.

  • What are the parts of SPICe+?

The SPICe+ is to have 2 parts: part A is to be used for reserving names for new companies and the part B is for offering services like incorporation, DIN (Director Identification Number) allotment, mandatory issue of PAN (Permanent Account N​umber), allotment of Goods and Service Tax Identification Number – GSTIN etc.


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