SPG (Amendment) Bill passed in Parliament

The SPG amendment bill says that when the SPG cover is withdrawn from a former Prime Minister, the cover also stands withdrawn from his or her family members. The bill was passed in the parliament on December 3, 2019. The bill aimed at amending the Special Protection Group act, 1988.

Amendment Key Features

The act states that the SPG cover will be provided to the Prime Minister and his family members residing with him at his residence. It also states that the cover will be provided to the former Prime Ministers and their family members for 5 years after he ceases to hold office. The bill points that if the cover is withdrawn from the former Prime Minister, it will stand withdrawn for their family members as well.


The Special Protection Group is the highest security that was set up in 1985 to protect the Prime Minister of India. It was established after the assassination of PM Indira Gandhi by her own bodyguards in 1984. Though the act was constituted to provide security cover to the Prime Minister, it was amended in 1991 to provide security cover to former PMs.

The President of India does not come under SPG cover due to low threat. He is protected by the Indian Army’s President Bodyguard Regiment.




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