Sirsa’s Ther Mound

The presence of a population of 50,000 people over the Ther Mound in Sirsa, Haryana is posing problems for the ASI to confirm the site’s historicity.

  • Where is Sirsa’s Ther Mound?

Ther Mound is located in Sirsa in Haryana. Sirsa is one of the oldest towns of Haryana. The presence of a population of 50,000 people in the region is causing problems for the ASI to study the mound. 3 years ago, a High Court order led to forcible rehabilitation of 788 families in the region.

  • Is the Ther Mound a protected site?

Ther Mound is a protected site under the Ancient Monuments Preservation Act of 1904. It was declared a protected site in July of 1932. The current dispute is about the size of the protected area. The mound itself rises 15 to 18 metres above the nearby areas.

  • What is the historical significance of Sirsa?

Sirsa was known as Sarishika in ancient times. It is an ancient city that is located en route to Takshashila (or Taxila) which is an ancient city from the 6th to 5th century BC. The city finds mention in literature like Mahabharat, Ashtadhyayi of Panini and Divyavadana- a Buddhist text.


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