Singapore approves Covid Breath Test

Singapore has approved a covid breath test which detect to covid-19 and show the accurate results in less than a minute.

Who developed the test?

The test has been developed by a start-up Breathonix.

About the test kit

The test kit works in a manner similar to standard breathalyzer test which is used by police to check for erratic drunken drivers. To test, person first blows into a one-way valve mouthpiece. Then, compounds in person’s breath are compared through machine learning software. It compares against sort of breath signature which is a symptom of person who is Covid-positive.

How Singapore test currently?

Before this test kit was approved Singapore was screening the incoming travellers with antigen rapid tests. Now, breath test will be used to screen incoming travellers from Malaysia.

Significance of the test

Breath test provided accurate tests within a minute. This, it will help in opening the travel sector which has slowed amid the covid-19 pandemic. It will help in opening up the international borders.

Efficacy of the test

Breathonix test has undergone three clinical trials. Two in Singapore and one in Dubai. It resulted into the sensitivity of 93% and specificity of 95% on about 180 patients.




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