Sher Singh Kukkal passes away at 86

The 86-year-old veteran artist and sculptor Sher Singh Kukkal passed away after an age-related illness in New Delhi on Saturday, 25th January 2020. He hailed from Buffa district (now in Pakistan) and used to paint with graphite pencils and ink.  Apart from working as a freelance artist (drawing, sculpture painting), he was equally talented in photography.

Sher Singh Kukkal was a noted artist with great experience in several branches of fine arts including drawing, painting, sculpture, painting, and photography. He also taught arts at the Sainik School Satara, Maharashtra. The artist had won several national and international awards in the field of photography and painting including the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation Award and the Senior Fellowship in Visual Art Photography by Union Ministry of Culture during 2008-09. He was awarded the Gold Medal by the Queens College, Lucknow for his painting. An alumnus of the Sainik School who was involved in most of his initiatives during his time at Satara remembered him and said that Sher Singh Kukkal was the best art teacher the school ever had.



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