Sher Shah Suri

The real name of Sher Shah Suri (reign: 1540-1545 ) was Farid. He was almost of same age of Humayun’s father -Babur. (Babur Born 1483, Sher Shah Born 1486). He descended from the Royal house of Sur, the kings of Ghor, and in early career, rose from the rank of a small-time administrator (jagirdar) to be the prime minister of one of the Lohani Afghans.

Early Career of Sher Shah

His father was in the service of an Afghan Noble Jamal Khan in Punjab. Jamal Khan was transferred to Jaunpur during the times of Sikandar Lodi and was handed over the Jagirs of Sasaram, Khwasapur and Tanda. Farid’s Father was stationed in Sasaram. He had two wives to which he sired 8 children. Farid, being a son of elder wife, who was less cared by his father, was not happy to live in Sasaram and entered in the service of Jamal Khan directly. By the intervention of Jamal Khan, he was appointed to manage the Jagir of Sasaram.

But it was challenged by his “younger mother”. Farid attempted to avoid this difficulty by entering in the service of Bahar Khan Lohani, a self styled independent ruler during the times of Babur. Bahar Khan impressed by the valor of young Farid, who killed a mature tiger, gave him the title of Sher Khan.

In service of Babur

This brave young man soon was envied by the other officials and Bahar Khan expelled him. In 1527, he joined the military of Babur. When Babur invaded Bihar, Sher Khan guided his troops and as a prize, got his Jagir restored.

His very presence in the Mughal army itself was enough for him to learn about the weakness and strength of the Mughal army and administration.

He left the Mughal army and once again joined Bahar Khan as Prime Minister. After death of Bahar Khan, he became the ruler of the territories under him.

Siege of Chunar

His first confrontation with Humayun was in 1532, when Humayun had laid siege on the Chunar Fort which lasted for 4 months and ended in a submission.
But this submission did not let him abandon his dream to become the sovereign.

Extending Power

When Humayun was busy in south, he conquered Gaur, the capital of Bengal. Prior to the decisive battle of Chausa, he left his son Jalal Khan to hold the pass near Rajmahal Hills and placed his booty, treasure and family in the Rohtas fort, the major fort of a Hindu which was captured by the Afghans. He seized every road he leading from Bengal and proclaimed himself as King of Rohtas with the tile of Sultan Sher Shah. The news was enough for Humayun to arouse from torpidity.

But Mughal troops were demoralized and dissipated. The army marched and reached at Chausa. The Battle of Chausa was fought very close to Buxar where once more the fate of India had to be decided 2 centuries later.

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