Russia and North Korea challenge US role in denuclearisation

Russian President Vladimir Putin has tried his best to present to the world the first ever visit of the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un as historic. The main aim of the Russian President is to prove to the world the Russian role in the denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula especially as the North-Korean and US talks failed in Hanoi, two months ago.

The Russian media took note of every detail about how the train of the North Korean leader which is fully armoured had reached the Pacific port Vladivostok. Media also stated the way the Russian officials had welcomed him with traditional round bread and salt. Every place which the North Korean leader will visit like the museums, theatres and other landmarks was also properly described.

Kim expressed his willingness to take the relations to a new height at a reception after he and President Putin had held a meeting which had lasted for over three hours. Putin stated, “Everyone is happy with the outcome of the talks. Both the leaders then also raised a toast to foster friendship and cooperation between the two countries.

Kim Jong Un also reiterated the significance of the relationship and stated that the ties between the two nations have been strengthened as both the nations have overcome all kinds of difficulties which had been thrown at them. Kim said, “The people of the two countries…understand [that the]North Korea-Russia tie not only serves our mutual interests but is also indispensable for securing the region’s peace and stability”.

However, the presumed importance of the summit faded as there was no concrete agreement or deal which was signed. Many international experts have stated that the true motive of Kim’s visit was to grant himself some wiggle whenever North Korea resumes dialogue with the USA. This meeting will give North Korean regime the much-needed muscle during talks with the US as it is a clear message to Washington that North Korea and Russia have normal ties and if anything goes wrong, North Korea has Russia for protection, in addition to China which has always been an ardent supporter of North Korea.



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