Rajasthan: First State to get L-root Server

The first state in the country to get the L-root server is Rajasthan. With seamless internet connectivity, this server will assist the State government in providing its flagship digital services and enforcing e-governance. This new facility will be strengthening the internet infrastructure of the state and will also help in improving the resilience and security of all internet-based operations.


This new server has been installed at Rajasthan’s Bhamashah State Data Centre, Jaipur in collaboration with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

Use of this server

With this newly installed root server, for the domain name system, the state will no longer be reliant on any root server. Now if any problem occurs in internet connectivity due to any natural calamity or technical glitch in the whole of India or even Asia, the state of Rajasthan will be able to access the internet without any interruption. Also, this server will ensure that the state gets access to high-speed internet connectivity.  The new root server will also provide benefits to the industries as well as the general public with better load management along with a lower round trip latency time between the servers and the users.

Other root servers in India

Currently, there are three J-root servers deployed in Mumbai, New Delhi, and Gorakhpur and two L-root servers deployed in Kolkata and Mumbai. The L-root server installed in Rajasthan is the first one that has been deployed at the State level.




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