Public Affairs Index 2022

The Bengaluru-based Public Affairs Centre (PAC) recently released the seventh edition of the Public Affairs Index (PAI 2022).

Key findings

  • The PAI 2022, which assesses the delivery of economic, political, and social justice in the states, recognized Haryana as the best-governed state under the big states category, which ranked 18 states.
  • It was followed by Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Chhattisgarh, Punjab and Karnataka, and others.
  • Maharashtra, West Bengal and Jharkhand were ranked 16th, 17th and 18th positions in the index.
  • Sikkim retained the top position in the category of 10 smaller states.
  • It is followed by Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand, which secured second and third positions respectively.
  • Economic Justice: Chhattisgarh, Haryana and Karnataka are the top performers in delivering economic justice. The worst performer in this aspect is West Bengal, with a score of 0.18. Sikkim topped the list of small states providing economic justice, while Uttarakhand scored the lowest.
  • Political Justice: Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Madhya Pradesh topped the list of major states providing political justice. Among the smaller states, the top rank is held by Uttarakhand and Goa secured the last position.
  • Social Justice: Punjab received the highest score in the delivery of social justice. Haryana and Kerala hold the second and third positions respectively. Among the smaller states, Uttarakhand was ranked at the top, while Nagaland was ranked at the lowest.

What is Public Affairs Index (PAI)?

The PAI assesses the quality of governance in Indian states. Its main aim is to qualitatively measure the social, economic and political justice in India via 5 sub-themes and 22 indicators. The social justice is measured using indicators like learning outcomes of school students, safe drinking water and sanitation coverage, early childhood development outcomes, ease of trade and logistics, and regular and reliable power supply. Economic justice is measured via indicators like labor productivity, assurance of standard of living to wage workers, public expenditure on development, coverage of social safety net, and livelihood opportunities. Political justice is assessed via indicators like functional devolution to rural and urban local bodies, commitment to independent financial devolution to local bodies, Incidence of crime efficiency of the police in mobilizing case related evidence, and redressal for under-trial population. The latest edition assessed the quality of governance in the states during 2021-22.    




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