Pranavayu Programme launched in Karanataka

The Bengaluru City Corporation recently launched “Pranavayu Programme” to create awareness about the respiratory health of Bengaloreans.


The initiative aims to help people in increasing oxygen level of the people by themselves. This will help them to keep track about their health before their ailments become fatal.


There are several deaths reported in the country due to Severe Acute Respiratory Illness (SARI). Especially, COVID-19 causes Hypoxia (deficiency of oxygen in tissues). This is like starving the body of oxygen.

COVID-19 and breathing problems

COVID-19 stimulates breathing difficulties through chemical reactions. When a person is infected with COVID-19, the virus binds itself with the haemoglobin in Red Blood Cells. This is the main reason for disruption in respiratory process.

During normal respiration, the haemoglobin acts as a carrier of oxygen from the air chambers in lungs to the cells all over the body. In return they collect carbon dioxide from these cells and carry it to the lungs.

COVID-19 blocks the functioning of haemoglobin that causes breathing difficulty.




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