PM Modi launches “Saptapadi” to fight against COVID-19

On April 14, 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched “Saptapdi” to fight against COVID-19. Saptapadi is seven mantras to fight against the virus.


PM Modi extended the lock down till May 3, 2020. This has been done after demarcating the country into red, orange and green zones based on the spread of the virus. PM Modi has launched 7 mantras in order to deal with the spread of virus.


The 7 mantras are as follows

  • The senior citizens and elderly have to be looked after with special care
  • Social distancing and lock down rules have to be followed strictly
  • The citizens should boost their immunity based on the guidelines issued by the Ministry of AYUSH.
  • He has suggested to download “Arogya Sethu” mobile application.
  • Provide shelter and food to the needy and the poor
  • Compassion towards colleagues and avoid payment cuts and job cuts
  • Showing respect to health professionals such as doctors, nurses and sanitation wokers.




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